Our Projects

Colocation Data Center - Jakarta

As we have continued to expand our system furniture business, we successfully secured several supply and installation contracts with a prominent colocation data center in Jakarta. These contracts included the provision of high-quality phone booths and lounge sofas from Novah, known for their exceptional design and comfort. Additionally, we supplied our reliable and efficient power module systems from CMD, which are essential for maintaining seamless operations within the data center. This collaboration not only highlights our commitment to delivering top-tier products and services but also strengthens our presence in the rapidly growing data center market in Indonesia.

Tech Company - Millennium Centennial Center

Following our successful phone booth installation at a major tech office in Jakarta, we have been awarded a significant supply and installation contract for hundreds of smart locker units. These advanced smart lockers are designed to enhance organizational efficiency and provide secure, convenient storage solutions for all office personnel. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces. We look forward to continuing our partnership and contributing to a more efficient and secure office environment.

Tech Company - Millennium Centennial Center

We are excited to announce our inaugural venture into the world of system furniture products as proud partners of Novah. Our latest project involves the delivery and installation of 31 state-of-the-art phone booths at a major tech office in Jakarta. These meticulously designed phone booths offer a tranquil haven for office workers seeking personal space and guarantee unparalleled privacy at any hour of the day.

BNI Sekuritas - IDX Tower

Holding hands with the project management consultant, design consultant, and MPM as the contractor, we supplied CMD Conti for BNI Sekuritas at their brand-new office in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Tower. Committed to provide the best value for our clients, we are glad to also help in designing the reliable trader desk power management system for BNI Sekuritas team, ensuring steady power supply and reliability for their securities trading operations.

Bank BJB - T-Tower

In collaboration with IJSM, we successfully delivered the cutting-edge CMD Betatrak power track system. This advanced system ensures an uninterrupted and reliable power supply, which is crucial for enabling seamless operations at the bank. Our joint effort underscores our commitment to providing top-tier solutions that support the bank’s critical infrastructure and operational efficiency.

Standard Chartered Bank - WTC 2

We provided CMD Harmony power modules for personal use and CMD Conti for a reliable power management system. Our solutions ensure minimal interruptions to traders’ operations, aligning with the bank’s dedication to uninterrupted service and seamless trading experiences.

BCG - Sampoerna Strategic

In partnership with EPCON, we supplied the CMD Harmony and CMD Surface power modules, delivering versatile and reliable power solutions for a successful workspace, excellent for a Big 4 consulting company.

AON - Sequis Tower

We are proud to support TRC at this project by supplying the CMD Harmony above desk power module and CMD 20 Series Floor Box, providing convenient and efficient power solutions for a seamless workspace.

Linklaters - Sequis Tower

We provided CMD Reveal, which supports AV system functionality, along with CMD 20 Series Floor Box, delivering comprehensive power and connectivity solutions for seamless integration.

BECA - Tempo Scan Tower

We had the privilege of providing CMD Reveal for the meeting room of BECA, a distinguished APAC engineering consulting firm from New Zealand. This integration of power and connectivity solutions enhances their professional gatherings, enabling effective communication and collaboration, and showcasing our commitment to meeting their needs as our valued client.

Nokia - Capital Place

In collaboration with Rifyo, we supplied CMD Harmony power modules for Nokia, exemplifying their commitment to connecting people and embracing technological advancements with seamless power solutions that fuel communication and innovation.

Nestle - Arkadia Tower

In line with Nestle’s commitment to excellence, we supplied CMD Harmony power modules, ensuring a harmonious and efficient power distribution system that perfectly complements their dedication to quality and innovation.

Bank HSBC - WTC 3

We are proud to supply CMD Harmony power modules to cater to all workstations, prioritizing ergonomics and delivering efficient power solutions that contribute to a comfortable and productive environment for the bank.

And so on...

  • Bank BNI – Grha BNI
  • BUMA – South Quarter
  • Citibank – Pacific Century Place
  • Citibank – South Quarter
  • Daikin – Menara Astra
  • Hogan Lovells – Sequis Tower 
  • Implora – South Quarter
  • Kalbe Nutritionals – IDC Cakung
  • Menara Maritim Ballroom 
  • Rockwell Automation – Mori Tower
  • Skala – IFC